Deutsche Post: bulk mail transit times

The aim of this two-part measurement system is to look in detail at the receipt and delivery time of bulk mailings transported and delivered by Deutsche Post. The core result in this measurement system is the information if the mailing is received or not.

In addition, an end-to-end delivery time study determines the time between mail drop or pickup (the point at which the mailing becomes the responsibility of Deutsche Post) and the delivery of the mailing to the private recipient (household letterbox).

Evaluation of the receipt and delivery times is often carried out in close cooperation with various major customers of Deutsche Post, who allow their real mailings to be measured. The study has been set up so that a representative overall result for receipt and delivery time can be determined for every mailing.

The bulk mailing measurement system, which was designed by Quotas, is based on the EN 14534 standard (end-to-end delivery time measurement for bulk mailings).

Furthermore, we also offer a check for completeness as part of this bulk mail measurement system. The aim of this evaluation is to determine which panelists’ addresses that were made available for a particular project were actually handed over to Deutsche Post AG.

The following quality criteria for test mailing are documented in a check for completeness before the results are passed on to Deutsche Post AG:

  1. Completeness of the test addresses
  2. Correctness and completeness of the addressing of the test addresses
  3. Completeness and correct production of the test mailings
  4. Correct production of the mailing units
  5. Correct labeling of the mailing units


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