About us

Quotas is an independent quality and market research institute that is primarily known in the postal and logistics as well as traffic and environment industries for its innovative and reliable quality measurement systems.

Quotas’ employees include specialists in quality and market research, technology and consulting. We flexibly apply our expertise to our clients’ challenges and find individual as well as unconventional solutions.

Across all our panels we maintain a pool of more than 20,000 panelists from more than 120 countries. Thus, we have the capacity to conduct studies in international and cross-border settings.

Cooperating with our panelists not only allows us to conduct successful research, but also to jointly support a number of social projects. For their participation, our panelists receive monthly reward points. These points may, among other choices, be donated to the humanitarian organization DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. With the help of our panelists as well as own donations, Quotas has been supporting the work of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS continuously for more than 15 years now (view donation certificate).

In addition, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and a member of ESOMAR. Furthermore we are supporting the air quality partnership Hamburg (Luftgütepartnerschaft Hamburg).