RFID technology in quality measurement systems

The quality of the logistics processes represents a decisive factor in the overall success of any company. This quality is therefore continuously put to the test. In order to make decisions for tomorrow, innovative quality research is a prerequisite.

It provides the measures and standards with which processes are optimised and decisions effectively maintain an established basis. However, the results of quality research are invariably only as good as the methods and technologies used for collecting the results. For this reason, the use of transponder technologies (Radio Frequency Identification – RFID) in the field of quality research is increasing from year to year.

In the field of RFID, there is a fundamental distinction made between active and passive transponders. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Which technology is preferred primarily depends on the field of application of the transponders and on the underlying question. Within the scope of logistics problems, different fields of application exist for active and passive transponders. Both passive as well as active transponder systems are available for measuring the first and last mile.

The QuoTrax®-system

In order to promote the automatic measuring of logistics processes, Quotas has developed a system based on transponders under the name of QuoTrax®. Important key points of the QuoTrax®-system include:

  • a modular design
  • all modules can be removed as well as subsequently expanded
  • public communications protocols and interfaces can be used
  • this results in security with regard to investment and independence from providers

An important requirement of a transponder system is that isolated applications are to be avoided. The logistics process chain should be recorded as completely as possible with a single transponder. The collected items of information merge with one another in a management information system.

By using the Multiponder®, the entire logistics chain

  • posting (“first mile”),
  • production (sorting centers) as well as
  • distribution (“last mile”)

can be recorded. Learn more about the QuoTrax®-system and its application in quality research.

Areas for application of the QuoTrax®-system

The QuoTrax®-system collects the following data:

  • “First mile”: posting times and emptying times
  • “Last mile”: delivery times and emptying times
  • Distribution centers: machine processing times and sorting paths
  • Transport containers: container and wire mesh cart tracking

QuoTrax® is particularly well-suited as an instrument…

  • for checking panelists during panel-based quality and transit time studies,
  • for checking external service providers during posting and delivery and
  • for carrying out internal quality control.

All QuoTrax®-devices are designed to be able to operate for at least one year without maintenance. The installation is kept as simple as possible and can thus also be carried out by technical amateurs. The yearly maintenance can be performed by Quotas.


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