Quality research

In close cooperation with our clients, we develop and implement specialized measurement systems that aim at identifying potentials to improve their quality of service. The information that are produced by our systems support our clients in making informed management decisions. In addition, we develop standards for process optimization.

We offer the following services from a single source:

  • Developing adequate study designs
  • Implementing national and international quality measurement systems
  • Supplying and monitoring supplementary technology
  • Data analysis and statistical consulting
  • Consulting and process optimization
  • Recruiting, supervising and incentivizing long-term panels

We provide consulting services to our clients regarding the selection of appropriate scientific methods and study designs in consideration of their individual market and regulatory environments. Quotas is particularly known for developing and implementing quality measurement systems in the industries postal and logistics as well as traffic and environment.

Postal and logistics

The focus of attention for postal services and their customers is more than ever on the quality of the services provided. The continuing process of postal market liberalization learn more »


In order to advance our clients’ logistic processes we developed QuoTrax®, which is a proprietary system based on RFID-technology. The key parameters of the QuoTrax®-system are as follows:

  • Modular design
  • Replaceability and ex-post expandability of all modules
  • Compatibility to open source communication protocols and interfaces
  • High degree of investment security and independence from suppliers

We capture complete process chains with one transponder or tag and avoid isolated solutions. As a result, QuoTrax® ensures that all collected data can be consolidated in one information system.


The quality of the logistics processes represents a decisive factor in the overall success of any company. This quality is therefore continuously put to the test. In order to make decisions for tomorrow learn more »


Quotas stands for independent, international consulting and project work. We are an agile company and understand ourselves as specialists with longstanding expertise in the areas of quality research and quality related consulting.

Our approach is based on the belief that management decisions should be informed by statistically founded and technically supported quality measurements. We support our clients in their decisions by making their quality of service transparent and deriving adequate recommendations for action. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors not only by our longstanding experience in national and international markets but also by our rigorous use of modern technical and statistical methods.

Consulting focus

Quotas is your independent partner for consultancy, planning and conceptual development of both national and international quality measurement systems. Quotas does much more than just provide technical learn more »