Looking for Business Participants

Fridaybanner1For a new international postal survey we are currently looking for business senders, who will agree to use their company’s franking/metering machine, in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

Additionally, we are also looking for business senders using PP in their company in:

Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

Do you have a friend or family member who might be interested and willing to act as a business sender? If so, please provide them with the following link for registration:


Furthermore, please contact us at unex-panel@quotas.de and let us know their name and email address. Once the referred person will be successfully included in our survey, you will receive a “Thank You Bonus” of 50,- Euros.

Thank you very much for your support!
Your Quotas Team

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