The Northernmost Letter Box of Australia

This week our participant Noel shared with us some pictures his son took when visiting Australia.

Apparently, he had the amazing luck to run into Australia’s northernmost letter box. It looks old and abandoned, but it’s actually still in use.

Here is the email we received from our participant with more information regarding this postal wonder:

Hi there George. 

I hope your weekend was good. Refreshing and relaxing. My son is currently doing  a road trip around Australia. 

He sent me this pic today - Australia's most northern postbox. The picture was snapped at Bamaga/Loyalty Beach; and it's still in use!!

Way up on the far northern tip of Queensland - 40kms/25 miles from the tip (Cape York). 

Pretty isolated area for the 776 residents. 

Maybe of use for the blog. 
No copyright problems George. 


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