The Quotas Postal Survey Ultimate Playlist

Hey there readers,

A few days we received an email from one of the panelists of our postal survey. He had a very creative idea to share with us:

“Dear Quotas Team,

     Wouldn’t it be a great idea to create a playlist with postal songs? Just a thought! 🙂


So, I sat on the idea for a few days, mentioned it in our weekly meeting, and our colleagues just started flinging song titles at me. I wrote all the titles down, and I am now proud to present you the Quotas Postal Survey Ultimate Playlist:

Yes, I know, it’s just 5 songs.  If you have any songs to add to our list, then please do send us an email at blog@quotas.de with the song title and we will add it to our list. The songs are of course in no particular order.

Would you like to become a participant in our postal surveys and receive letters from all around the world with beautiful stamps like these? Then please do not hesitate to register on our website www.world-mail-panel.com (GMS 1107) or email us at panel@quotas.de.



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