Stamps full of History from Jersey

This time we have some archeological stamps coming from Jersey, Channel Islands. This particular new edition of stamps from April 2017 revolves around the theme of archaeological discoveries. The picture displays four different artefacts discovered at various sites around the island of Jersey ranging from timeframes 2850 B.C. to 600 A.D. The artefacts in the picture are a flint arrowhead, bronze statue, St. Lawrence Pillar and an axe head from the Bronze Age.

The interest in archaeology in the Channel Islands begins in the 16th century with a significant publication of several articles and magazines on this topic in the 18th century. Both Jersey and Guernsey have societies formed exclusively to promote this interest. The learned society, Société Jersiaise corresponds to Jersey and is deeply involved in preserving prehistoric and historical sites, housing museums, and furthering the study of the history of the island, through publications and the founding of libraries. Jersey heritage is another independent trust responsible for similar activities. The current stamp edition was designed in cooperation with the staff of Jersey Heritage as an observance of the ancient artefacts unearthed from the island and therefore the name of the edition being “Ancient Artefacts”.

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