A story of Gymnastics

Foreword: The following post was written by our new intern Yannik. Hooray for Yannik joining our team for a few months, we hope he enjoys his stay with us! 🙂

I do gymnastics. Not this kind of crawling around on the ground while making weird movements to music. No, like they do at the Olympics, like Fabian Hambüchen. Not on that level of course, I don’t have the possibilities for that in my club. I live in a smaller town where we don’t have our own gymnastic hall.

We used to be quite good, won a few competitions, but now that we’re getting older my whole team stopped doing gymnastics competitively. There is not enough time to attend practice frequently, some are working, some go to uni and well I have the privilege to do volunteer work at Quotas. It is sad to think about it, but as time goes by I fear that my group will get smaller and smaller, even my coach is retiring. Soon, I may have to find another activity to keep me busy.

I did other sports as well. Before gymnastics I did competitive swimming for 6 years. During that time I tried judo, but that wasn’t for me. Not so long ago I did a little bit of tennis and diving. Diving was really fun and I liked it a lot, but in Germany the water isn’t good for diving. There are two things that kill the fun, it’s freezing cold or you can’t see anything under water. Maybe in a few years I’ll start again, if I live somewhere else.

Those sports were fun, but I always stayed with gymnastics. It has so many upsides: You are a good all rounder in sport, you have good control over your body, other than swimming you have to use your brain to concentrate on what you’re doing and you stay in shape automatically.

People often tell me how dangerous the sport is that I do and that they would be frightened to try it out, but I always say you can break your shoulder as well if you trip while walking and fall down. That happened to my grandma, not the best comparison, I know, but it counts. In addition, not helpful to my argument is the fact that just a few weeks ago I lost two of my front teeth in practice. I flew off the horizontal bar, because my equipment, which was supposed to hold me onto the bar, broke. Luckily I hit the ground with my whole body at once, so no severe damage happened to me. The two roots of the teeth were put back in place and fixated with a braces-like splint. It didn’t hurt and I have something to tell at parties, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Friends even advised me to tell the girls I had a fight and that the other one looks even worse, but I figured that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

The only annoying thing is eating. I can’t bite with the front of my teeth, so I have to eat soft stuff or cut it down into small pieces. That sucks! At the end, I’ll just hope I look ‘normal’ again and that there won’t be any difficulties with my teeth in the future.

And no, I won’t stop doing sports.



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