The four Seasons

Foreword: Dear Readers, this week’s article was written by my lovely colleague Daniele. She talks about the differences and challenges she has found with regards to the seasons here in Germany and her native country Brazil.  You can find the source of the stamp picture I’ve used here

Having been born and raised in Brazil I’ve never found myself wondering about the change of seasons before. The changes in the environment around you are mostly mild when you live in a tropical country. You can slightly feel them, but they are almost theoretical. It is something you learn at school, it may be mentioned in a lyric, you may see it in your favorite movie but you don’t really come to appreciate the true beauty of it until you have lived it up-close.

Now these changes are one of the great things I get to experience living in Germany. With each season, everything around you changes. From the color of the leaves and the hours of light and sun you have in your day – to the behavior of people around you and that special program you are planning for the weekend. Each season brings with it its own identity, its own promises and beauties. It may reflect our hopes or our longing for a new beginning.

Suddenly, I see myself admiring the golden leaves, treasuring that strip of sun in Winter, hoping for a Christmas covered in snow. I see myself full of happiness, hearing the singing of the birds and cherishing the cherry blossom trees coloring the first days of Spring.

Yes, a new perspective brings an entire new world to light.




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