Giving Out Postal Love

The day was young, and as I made my way from lovely and picturesque Buxtehude to the rainy mess of Hamburg, a tingling sensation was in the air. “Something good is going to happen today” I thought.

Half an hour later, I was already at my desk, cup of strong black coffee on my left side and my mouse on the right, I was ready to trudge through another day at the office. A jungle of post-it notes and emails reminded me of every single task I had to attend to that day. Then, as I was sifting through the unending list, an email popped up on my screen.

 “Would you like some stamps from Canada?”

A person I had recently followed on Twitter sent me the message. Her Twitter name is Magdalenka and she lives in Calgary, Canada. Not only does she absolutely love stamps (who doesn’t?) but she is also not afraid to share the love with the world, even absolute strangers it seems. I recommend everyone to follow her and I regularly share her material on our own Quotas Twitter account Beautiful Stamps.

Given that, I am also frequently inundated with many duplicates of German stamps I offered an exchange which she gladly accepted. The cutest most beautiful way to carry out the exchange was of course by postcard, which is what we did.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the wonderful stamps I received from Magdalenka:

Given that my address is already there, please feel free to surprise me with your own postcards and presents. As long as I also have your address I will make sure to send a surprise back to you.


Ps: We are currently looking for participants in all over Canada. If you would like to become a participant and receive beautiful stamps from all over the world then please register on our website www.world-mail-panel.com (Survey Code: GMS 1107)


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