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Hello there dear readers!

I was recently prompted to double check the addresses of some of our participants in Colombia. Normally, this would have been one of those boring tedial tasks that one quickly goes through to get on with their day. This time, however, Roberto, an active participant of our study, decided to settle the matter with the picture you see above (The address sign of the participant was edited out for obvious reasons).

Here is the email he sent us:

Buenos días,

I just verified my address and everything is ok.

By the way, I will send you a picture of my home 
(colors inspired by Piet Mondrian)


At this point, the questions came flooding in: Why is this pattern of colours so familiar to me? Who is Piet Mondrian? The menial task of double-checking an address quickly evolved into a journey of discovery of artistic knowledge. First stop Wikipedia.

After a short read, the puzzle pieces were coming together. Some of Piet mondrian’s paintings I found extremely pleasing to the eye whilst others I found absolutely bizarre. Then, another question occured to me, are there any stamps inspired by this artist? The search at this point intensified.

Flickr had exactly what I was looking for, a picture posted by the account of the US Embassy in Hague to be exact.


Ps: We are currently looking for participants in Roberto’s country Colombia and specifically in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín. At the same time we are looking for participants all over the countries were Piet Mondrian was active, including the USA, the UK, France and Holland. If you would like to become a participant and receive beautiful stamps from all over the world then please register on our website www.world-mail-panel.com (Survey Code: GMS 1107)


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