Noel’s Postal Adventure in Australia

We have heard about adventure tourism, religious tourism, backpacking tourism or even education tourism. What I have personally never heard of though is postal tourism.

Noel, one of our participants currently living in Japan, apparently decided to explore this newfound niche whilst on holiday in Australia. Here are some of the lovely pictures Noel´s camera captured. Noel described this type of photography as his new fetish. The photographs come with short notes from Noel.

Thank you so much for your pictures Noel, and apologies for taking a bit longer than planned to post them up. We truly appreciate you as a participant.

On another note, we are constantly recruiting new participants in both Australia and Japan, if you know anyone from these countries who is interested in taking part in a postal survey we encourage you to let them know of our offer and direct them to register at our website www.world-mail-panel.com (survey code GMS 1107) or send us an email at panel@quotas.de

Now, let’s enjoy the pictures:

1. Hi. 
PO at Bowen, Queensland, 4805, Australia. 
Warmly. Noel.

2. Greetings Folks. 

Mailbox outside PO Cooktown, north North Queensland, 5895, Australia. 


3. Post Office at Cardwell, Queensland, 4849. 

4. Hi again. 

Last pic for awhile - holiday over. 

Taken by me at the International Terminal, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 

Maybe interesting as they will remove it at the end of January 2017. 

Take care. 


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