Hamburg and Portugal: A Historical Connection Part II

Since the great circumnavigators Vasco da Gama and Magellan (Magalhães), whose statues could and in the first case can still be found in Hamburg, the German-Portuguese relationship has undergone quite a few changes.

In the 1960s workers from Portugal were one of the big communities who left their home for work in Germany and settled near the harbour. About 10 000 Portuguese people are currently living in Hamburg, particularly enriching its cuisine with Galão, Portuguese croissants, Natas as well as a lot of seafood and meat, founding a small quarter unofficially called the Portuguese quarter. This quarter by the way, just to underline Hamburg’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, is just situated next to the churches of the Scandinavian sailors!

One of the most recent “achievements” of the Portuguese community, dating back to 2010, is a little street called after a famous Fado singer, Amália Rodrigues. Fado means “destiny” or “fate” in Portuguese and often refers to a music full of longing as captured by the Portuguese word “saudade”, symbolizing a feeling of irreparable loss.


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