Clock Stamps from Bulgaria

We have some 2015 stamps from Bulgaria today at Quotas. The pictures of the stamps show one antique clock and one mechanical pocket watch. Clocks have been given importance in this country since the 17th century when the earliest clock tower of Bulgaria was believed to have been built in the city of Plovdiv.

Clocks and watches were not found commonly in Eastern Europe before the 16th century and the introduction of building clock towers in the Balkan countries is credited to the Ottoman Empire. The earliest clock towers built in these countries are dated back to the 16th century and this culture grew through the following years up until the 19th century.

It contributed mainly towards the architectural frontier and the clock towers remain a symbol of Ottoman architectural heritage till today observed to spread between the Balkan states and the Middle East. Post Ottoman rule many clock towers in Bulgaria were demolished, but a significant number continue to exist and in perfect working condition even after 300 years after construction. The capital city of Bulgaria; Sofia, houses many such clock towers and clocks incorporated into administrative buildings throughout the important parts of the city. A tour around the city of Sofia is reported to make one feel the importance of time and a constant reminder of the ticking clock.

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