French Stories by Julie – Part II

Salut! Here is Julie. Today, let’s talk about one amongst several clichés as regards French people.

Almost each new encounter I have been making here in Germany was punctuated with a “Oh France! Camembert, Baguette, Voulez-vous, Mademoiselle, Ooooh Paris…”. What a funny fact knowing that I come from Toulouse and I do feel like a national tourist in Paris.

Of course, the question I always get asked is “Is that true, do you eat frogs?”. Actually, I did once… in a Vietnamese restaurant! And it tasted like chicken! It is really not a common food in France. You do not even find frogs in a normal supermarket. This cliché is only the result of a long-year expired quarrel between French and English people. They respectively call each other “Froggies” and “Roastbeef”. But do not worry, they do like each other… although their relationship has generally been facing a language barrier….

Oh la la!

French stories by Julie – To be continued…

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