A Battle in the Skies

Today we received some stamps from Great Britain particularly interesting for history lovers. The stamps titled Battle of Britain encourage us to revisit the events of the Second World War, a topic recurrent even today amongst the European society.

The name Battle of Britain is said to have been derived from Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s famous speech on June 18th in the House of Commons, a few weeks before the battle started. This battle took place in the second half of the year 1940 between the British and the German army forces and was fought entirely on the air. British airforce superiority was considered a key to this major historical victory.

The 2010 stamps seen in the picture commemorate the 70th anniversary of the battle. The exchange of such stamps between Britain and Germany is evidence of the years of progress in the relationship between the two countries. This, of course also explains the huge capital L that was painted in red on the Royal Mail envelope that we received in Hamburg with over 200 sheets of these historic stamps.

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