Welcome to our Quotas Blog

Welcome one and all to our new Quotas blog. We, the entire Quotas International Team, are excited to be launching this project today. This blog is dedicated to all the panellists of our current GMS postal project, people from all over the world who give up a bit of their time every day to help us improve the services offered by postal operators worldwide.

The posts here will be authored by members of our international team. We may have guest bloggers periodically and additional authors from other departments of our expanding quality research firm. We hope to use this blog as a forum to inform you about new developments and useful information regarding our current international postal survey but also take the opportunity to engage you with other interesting and entertaining posts. Our goal is to create a safe online environement where all you, our panellists, can come together and better interact with our team and your fellow participants.

We hope that you enjoy reading the Quotas blog as much as we enjoy posting in it.



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