UIC – International Union of Railways

In 2014, Quotas was contracted by International Union of Railways (UIC) to investigate potential differences in ticket prices between rail, plane and bus on selected, highly-frequented European routes.

The purpose of this study was to review the ticket prices of trains, planes and buses on selected national and cross-border routes in Europe, where air and rail can be substituted due to similar overall travel times. Based upon three typical types of travel and four different booking lead times, the survey mainly compares the fares of air and rail travel after having requested more than 2,200 travel prices on several online sales platforms.



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VCD railway test

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GLS Mobility

The Transport and Environment department says goodbye to Quotas and transfers to the GLS Bank subsidiary GLS Mobility. We continue to pursue our passion for sustainable mobility with a focus on climate-neutral mobility concepts. learn more »


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