• What is UMMS?

UMMS, sometimes also referred to as NU-MMS, is the name of the web-based survey tool, which you will be using during your online participation.

  • I have not received your email to activate my account – what shall I do?

Please note it may take a few days up to few weeks until you receive this email from us. If you have more than one email address, please make sure to check the inbox of the email address you have provided during registration. Also, you might want to check your spam folder.

  • The provided link within my email is not working – what shall I do?

Please make sure to click on the link next to PASSWORD. If it still is not working, please copy the link and paste it to the address line in your browser.

  • I cannot acces my online account because your website is not working. What can I do?

Not being able to access the website can be connected to a maintance of the UMMS tool. Should you get an error message stating “Internal Server Error”, it is due to a maintenance. In this case, we kindly ask you to try again later.

If you have login problems that are not connected to the above mentioned error message, we recommend to use a different browser than the Internet Explorer (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). Shall the website still continue to be unavailable without indicating a reason, please feel free to contact us at unex-panel@quotas.de.

  • When will the remaining features within my account be activated?

As for now, we cannot tell you the exact date when all the remaining features will be activated. It is possible, though, that these will be activated step by step. We will make sure to inform you once a new feature has been activated. Please note ALL features will be activated and working well in time before the actual start of your participation (i.e. sending and/or receiving test mail).

  • Can I change my password?

Yes, of course you can change your password. Simply click on CHANGE PASSWORD within the welcome page or select it from the drop down menu next to your panellist ID (upper right corner).

  • I forgot my password – what can I do?

Please click on ‘I forgot my password’ on the Login page.

  • How do I use the ‘My Messages’ feature?

In order to contact us via message, simply click on this feature and type a message. Once completed, please click on ‘SEND’. Any new messages in your inbox, i.e. a reply from us, will be indicated by flashing of this feature and a number – of new messages – in the right upper corner of the ‘My Messages’ feature.

  • How do I find out about the correct format of my address?

The correct address format is usually the one you are already using to address any mail you are posting within your country. For some European countries e.g. the format is as follows:

Street and House Number
Postcode and Town

However, as this may differ from country to country, and in order to make sure you are actually using the correct format, please check the Website of your national postal operator.

  • I do not have a specific description for my sending location – what shall I do?

It is totally fine to enter a simple description like “Mailbox next to the supermarket” or “Post Office near my work place”. It is also OK to indicate more than one sending location. Please note you can indicate both Mailbox AND Post Office, even though by default it might be specified as only one of those.

  • I do not know the exact post code of my sending location – what shall I do?

Sometimes you will be able to find a post code on the mailbox, or in the post office. You can also check the postcode on the internet when entering the street name, or check the website of your postal operator. If none of these will be helpful, let us know and we will be happy to assist.

  • What exactly is a last collection time and where do I find it?

The last collection time is the latest time on a given day (e.g. 16:00h on Mondays) when mail is collected from the mail box or the post office. Usually, the last collection time is indicated on the mail box or in the post office. Please note: closing times of a post office are not necessarily the same as the last collection time.

  • For Participants from Ireland: Can I use a delivery box as sending point?

Please note that for our survey it is not allowed that you are using a delivery box for sending test letters. We kindly ask you to always use the induction method agreed for your participation.

  • How many items will I be receiving and/or posting in terms of this survey?

You will be receiving and/or posting approx. 3-5 items per week.

  • I cannot confirm the items in my posting plan as they do not have an item ID – what shall I do?

As a new participant, you will see items with a “letterNumber01” (and ongoing) in your posting plan. These items are just for training purposes and won’t be taking into consideration. You will be able to enter your data correctly once you have  started sending your test items.

  • How often and how much incentive will I be receiving for my participation?

You will receive a monthly incentive according to your role (sender vs. receiver vs. sender and receiver). We will let you know the exact amount once your role on this survey has been finalised.

  • Will I receive a reimbursement of franking costs?

If you agreed to act as business sender using your company’s metering machine or PP, or a private sender metering the test letters at a post office, you will receive any occurring costs for the franking upfront on a monthly basis. Depending on your country and the amount of items to be sent by you, the monthly franking costs range between 10.- and 30.- Euros. The franking costs will be paid via PayPal or International Bank Transfers. Please make sure to let us know which method you prefer and submit the needed information (PayPal email address or international bank details – IBAN and Swift Code).

  • I have a friend / family member who would like to participate as well – how can they register?

That’s great news! Please let them know the following link https://quotas.de/en/earn-money-with-our-postal-survey-unex-t01/ and ask them to register and fill in the survey questionnaire. Please note: it is not possible for your friend or family member to participate on this survey, if they have the same address as you, i.e. living in one house / apartment.

  • What is a transponder?

Transponders are small electronic and harmless devices tracking the transit times of a test letter at certain gates within the postal systems. Please note the transponder will not track or ping or submit any data or information from your home or company. There are three different types of transponders:

  1. Passive transponders à a label with a barcode already affixed to the test letter document
  2. Active transponders à a separate item inserted in the test letter
  3. Dual transponders à a combination of 1. and 2.: a label affixed to the separate item inserted in the test letter

Depending on your country, you might receive test letters with one to three different transponder types. If you will receive an active or dual transponder (please see picture below), please make sure to return these to our production unit by simply using a return envelope provided by us. Please insert one or two transponders into the return envelope depending on the instructions that come with them. Please note no franking of these envelopes is needed, as these already are Pre Paid! It is very important that you will be returning all received active and dual transponders on a regular basis – latest a week after this transponder has been received. Passive transponders do not have to be returned.

                                                                            (a template of an active / dual transponder)
  • IPC UNEX CEN: What exactly is an Induction Method?

As indicated in your Panellist Instructions, we ask you to use the Induction Method indicated in the cover letter you have received. An Induction Method is simply the place you usually post your letters from, i.e. a mail box, a post office, or – for companies only – a pick up by the national postal provider. Please see below detailed information for possible variables in terms of the Induction Method:
1. Post Office:
– Letters given over to an employee via the counter at a post office
– Letters placed in the mailbox inside the post office
– Letters placed in the mailbox that is attached to the post office
– Letters send at work via the company mail process (for Business Panellists only!)
2. Mail Box
– Letters placed in the mailbox on the street
– Letters placed in the mailbox that is in front of (but not attached to) the a post office
3. Pick-Up
– Mail iscollected on the premises of the customer by the postal operator (for Business Panellists only!)
Should you need more information on this topic or have any questions please just contact us at unex-panel@quotas.de.

Shall you have any additional questions, please simply contact us at unex-panel@quotas.de. We are more than happy to help!

When contacting us via email, please make sure to indicate your country and your Panelist ID within the subject of the email. In this way your request or query can be solved and replied to more promptly.