– IPC UNEX International Postal Survey –

Information about activating your Online Account and indicating your Address and Sending Location

Thank you very much for supporting this measurement. Your participation is very much appreciated.

Before you will start to send and/or receive test mail within this measurement, we would like to ask you to activate your online account. This will provide you access to your online profile storing all information important for your participation. The online data entry will happen within your account, as well as most of the communication between you and our panel managers.

As for now, we would like to ask you to enter your ADDRESS and your SENDING LOCATION (if you will be participating as a sender of test mail).

We would like to guide you through the registration by means of this information site.

In the near future, you will receive an email from us asking you to activate your online account. This email will be sent from unex-umms@ipc.be with the subject ‘Starting on the UNEX survey’ (please also check the ‘Possible Questions’ section below). You might want to check your spam folder, in case this email has been wrongly identified as spam.

Once you open this email, please click on the provided link next to ‘Password’; you will be redirected to the Login Page of your future panellist online account. Now simply select and re-enter your password.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, the following Welcome Page will be available for you:

PLEASE NOTE: Some features displayed here are not active, yet (e.g. Posting Plan). You will receive full instructions for the use of your account well in time before your participation will start. As for now, the required options are ADD ADDRESS and SENDING LOCATION REGISTRATION (shall you participate as a sender of test mail within this measurement).

Please click on ‘ADD ADDRESS’.


Your name has automatically been filled in as indicated within the questionnaire you have completed. Please fill in your address using the given line format. Simply fill in each line according to the address format in your country, e.g.:

Address Line 2: Street and House Number
Address Line 3: Postcode and Town

Please do NOT fill in the country name. Once your address information is complete, simply click on ‚Submit‘.

Following, please click on SENDING LOCATION REGISTRATION and thereupon on ‘+Add’.

Please fill in the information of the sending point you will use to post your test items – you can add several sending locations, both Mailbox AND Post Office, even if the induction method is specified as ‘Mailbox’ resp. ‘Post Office’. Simply fill in the description field (e.g. ‘Mailbox at the corner’; ‘Post Office near Metro Station’) and indicate the respective post code (if you are not sure about the post code, please use your postal operators website to research).

Please also indicate the last collection time of your sending location. These times usually are displayed on the Mailbox or in the Post Office (please also check the ‘Possible Questions’ section below). If on a certain day (e.g. Sunday) there is no collection at all, please select the respective box. Once completed, please click on ‘Save’.

If you wish to add another sending location, simply repeat the above mentioned procedure.

The first step within your online account is completed now. Your address and your sending location have been saved.

We have compiled a list of answers to possible questions you might have:

Questions and Answers

Have a look at the official IPC Recommendation Letter:

Recommendation Letter

Data Protection: We would like to point out that your data will be used exclusively for these surveys and treated according to the ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) rules of data protection. We are happy to have your assistance!