IPC UNEX CEN International Postal Survey

Instructions for your Participation

Thank you very much for supporting this measurement. Your participation is very much appreciated.

The goal of this survey is to measure the transit time of international letters of different formats. In addition the process of delivery for those formats will be evaluated.

Activating your online account has been the first important step of your participation. Now, you have access to your online profile that stores all information important for your participation. The online data entry will happen within your account, as well as most of the communication between you and our panel managers.

We would like to guide you through your tasks and the online account by means of this information site. Please read the instructions carefully before you start sending letters and/or handling received test letters. The instructions will also help you with different questions that may come up during the course of the survey.

Please choose your role to continue:

PRIVATE                                                                                                                       BUSINESS

Private Receiver                                                                                      Business Sender metered

Private Sender metered                                                                      Business Sender Postage Paid

Private Sender & Receiver metered

Private Sender stamped

Private Sender & Receiver stamped