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For a new project we are looking for participants acting as senders of test letters with their company address.

Your task:

  • You will dispatch about 3-5 test letters per week using your company address.
  • All test letters are already addressed to the recipients. You would only need to frank the letters by using a metering machine or Postage Paid (depends on the method used at your company and chosen by you).
  • Afterwards you confirm the dispatch dates online.

Your reward:

As an appreciation of your support, you will receive a fixed monthly reward between 18 and 22 EUR (exact information is provided before the beginning of your task) depending on your country.

Please note:

Due to our client guidelines, we require our participants to be exclusive. Hence as a participant of our survey, it is obligatory that you do not take part in another postal survey at the same time. To make sure that you fulfill our client’s requirements, we kindly ask you to fill in the following questionnare. Thank you in advance!

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